Hallo, my name is Daisy I'm from Holland
i am a nurse on the ambulance and first aid .


Try to love and respect one another.
It doesn't matter what colour or religion you may have.
The world could be a better place to live in without all the hate.

Live Today, Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is the Future.

Have a nice day, regards and hugs always with love. XXX

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home sweet home
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steampunk girl blue
mother and daughter love
from my dear friend katrinka
good night my friend
fire lady
Portrait de femme
for andie09500
still believing
for cat
Audrey Hepburn
vintage femme
Fête des grands-mères
angel from heaven
International Womens Day
Bonne nuit
Portrait d'une petite fille - Vintage
Camping en famille
gift from Miriella
Oiseaux bleus dans une bulle
Bouquet of flowers
Faune sauvage dans la nature
good morning Asia
mother nature
for mij dear friend  Miriella
from dear friend katrinka
gift from AleLuna
gift from bburns702
blue fantasy art
happy birthday  doll

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Portrait Lady
· εκεί 3 ώρες
Muito obrigada pelos bons comentários. >: D <
Para aquela que é uma mulher forte, inteligente, gentil, bela e única, desejo que tenha um Dia Internacional da Mulher muito feliz e com muito amor.
Continue sendo essa pessoa maravilhosa que você é
𝔖𝔦𝔧𝔫𝔞 ℭ𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔢, 𝔰
· εκεί 6 ώρες
Bedankt Daisy ook jij een mooie week ;;)
Rainy Day
· εκεί 7 ώρες
Guten Morgen, liebe Daisy. Alles Gute zum Internationalen Frauentag. >:D< :x >:D<
Ma création ✿ 💖 ‿💖 ✿
· εκεί 7 ώρες
Hello Hartendief,
Thank you very much for your kindly com and rating
Have a nice Monday and a great new week-end
Hugs and Kisses❤️
Deine Avatare - Wettbewerb
· εκεί 9 ώρες
Hello Daisy, thank you for note and vote
with nice words. Have a nice day ;;)
Neues Profilbild
· εκεί 10 ώρες
Thanks :)
Contest!  Portrait de femme
· εκεί 11 ώρες
Thank you for your note and vote
Good day Kisses
· εκεί 20 ώρες
Thank you dear for your comments, I send you an affectionate and warm hug with many kisses !!! =(( =(( :P >:D< =; =;
· εκεί 1 ημέρα
σε ευχαριστώ πολύ
φίλη μου, για της
· εκεί 1 ημέρα
vielen lieben Dank für Deine netten Kommentare und Sternchen
einen schönen Sonntag LG Regina >:D<

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